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After ten consecutive editions, the Springboard Road Show has evolved into a national platform for human capital development and social transformation. After mentoring interactions with more than two hundred business executives, civil society leaders and role models nationwide, over one hundred and fifty thousand young participants and emerging leaders have been impacted directly and several others via technology and the media. ​

Agenda One - People (One Million People Directly Mentored by 2027)

Over the next decade, one million young Ghanaians will be groomed for personal and business leadership on the continent. This blueprint, known as AGENDA 2027, will be anchored by nationwide road shows and mentorship programs which shall subsequently be extended to districts and communities across the nation. This will increase the number of direct beneficiaries from 150,000 to one million by 2027.

Agenda Two - Leadership (30,000 participants to prepare 10-Year Continental Leadership Plan)
Agenda 2027 which will commence in 2017, will set the framework by coaching 30,000 tertiary students, graduates and young entrepreneurs through regional events, community engagements and institutional outreaches. The new introduction to this year's road show is the Ladies Entrepreneurship and Advocacy Development (LEAD), a mentoring program for young women in all ten regions.

Through mentoring workshops and breakout sessions, each of the 30,000 participants will be guided to prepare a ten-year Continental Leadership Agenda in three thematic areas - Professional, Financial and Social.

Agenda Three - Enablement (Help Shape Someone’s Dream)
It will cost GHc50 for each of the 30,000 participants to attend the Springboard Road Show across the ten regions. 60% of this (GH30) shall be borne by our corporate sponsors. The remaining GHc20 would typically have been paid by participants as gate fees. Pioneering free attendance in 2016 allowed many people to benefit who would otherwise not have been able to afford it.

Emboldened by this success, SRSF is for the first time encouraging individuals and Road Show alumni to take up the challenge of co-sponsoring all participants to attend the 2017 Road Show for free by donating GHc20 (or multiples of it). Every GHc20 contribution will help shape one person's destiny in some part of this country.